Effective Teaching Skills e-Learning Course



CPD points: 
With our course, you can grow in confidence and improve as a teacher, learning teaching skills and techniques specific to a medical context. Set learning objectives to meet during your daily practice with a course you can complete at your own pace with our CPD accredited online learning.

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"All Doctors have a professional obligation to contribute to the educational training of other doctors, medical students and non medical healthcare professionals on the team." General Medical Council ‘The doctor as teacher.’


Our Medical Teaching e-Learning Course for Doctors has been designed to introduce doctors of all grades to the principles of effective teaching skills within a medical context. It links directly to the Clinical Leadership Competency Framework  which itself describes the teaching competencies clinicians need to become involved in the planning, delivery and implementation of effective teaching programmes.  Each module begins with learning objectives, progresses through a series of real-world examples and ends with a short interactive question page to test what you’ve learned. You’re encouraged to keep a ‘learning journal’ throughout – which will act as evidence towards the full  CPD point accreditation.

This course has been designed in a modular format, so it is ideally suited to be completed at a pace suited for you. With clear learning and testing objectives this CPD accredited course (7 CPD points) will assist with your PDP requirements for Revalidation and Appraisal purposes.

In addition to covering various teaching paradigms, those proven within both clinical and non-clinical settings, the course illustrates how you can use your teaching sessions to not only help guide colleagues and medical students, but also reaffirm and augment your own abilities.

Through completing this course learners can expect to develop their skills and knowledge in the following ways:

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a medical teacher
  • Name the stages of skill development through which, as teachers, you must lead students
  • How to highlight possible areas for improvement in your own practice
  • Develop structure in Teaching Practice
  • Understand the behaviours of a good medical teacher
  • Explain the special role and responsibilities of teaching within medicine
  • Understand  key points to consider when teaching medical professionals in different contexts including: lectures, seminars, ward rounds and other clinical settings
  • Provide clear, appropriate and objective feedback to those taught


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