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London Journal of Primary Care (LJPC) is an international, peer-reviewed, PubMed-cited journal that publishes articles on the multi-dimensional aspects of primary care that make it so human and vibrant. It particularly welcomes case studies, multidisciplinary participatory research and evaluated system improvement projects. LJPC wants to make a real difference – by showing people new ways to tackle old or difficult problems, and by informing policy for integrated care. LJPC maintains a membership of authors, users and editors who contribute to continuing conversations to develop themes and clusters of papers on subjects of immediate relevance. LJPC publishes on the web – six issues a year posted every two months. You must be a Registered Member to take part and to be informed of new postings. Please follow this link to register for free.


London Journal of Primary Care is the official journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners' North & West London, North East London and South London FacultiesLJPC would like to acknowledge and thank its sponsors, namely RCGP London, West London (Primary Care) Consortium for Research & Innovation (WLPCC) and Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group.


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Editorial Guidance

London Journal of Primary Care is led by an Editorial Board comprising professionals at the forefront of primary care and health provision. Full details of the Editorial Board may be accessed here.



Latest Articles

Opinion and Debate
Colin Michie
Ka Ying Bonnie Ng
Stephen Doucet
London Journal of Primary Care 2015;7:61-5
Community-oriented integrated care
Case Study – Patients
Zaineb Amin Mohsin
Anna Paul
Senan Devendra
London Journal of Primary Care 2015;7:66-9
Community-oriented integrated care
Research and Evaluated Service Improvement
Audrey Ng
Sian McIver
Catriona Reid
Emma Schofield
Amrit Sachar
London Journal of Primary Care 2015;7:70-7
Community-oriented integrated care
London Landscape – Exhibition
London Journal of Primary Care 2015;7:78-9
Community-oriented integrated care