A comprehensive guide to the requirements and processes to enable your successful revalidation
Since the publication of the Medical Leadership Competency Framework, a greater emphasis has been placed upon the leadership and management skills of doctors. Our CPD accredited management e-Learning course can be undertaken at your leisure and will help improve your personal effectiveness.
Teaching is an integral part of any doctor’s role, even at foundation level, and our CPD accredited e-Learning course is ideal for those of you looking to improve your skills in your spare time.


Stress and burnout among general practitioners (GPs) is a serious problem. Some authors suggest supervision groups or Balint groups as a means of preventing burnout and others address how to treat...

One of the challenges facing medical education is the change in healthcare service delivery, with services being shifted away from inpatient to ambulatory facilities. Cost is a significant driver...

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Fully revised, expanded and updated, its practical, reflective and informative approach continue to make it essential reading for all health professionals.

This inspirational new guide offers practical suggestions for career development. Comprehensive and wide-ranging.

This invaluable guide specifies the questions required for a focused history and details the key components of the ideal examination, resulting in the development of clinical skills that are...


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Defining the mentor

"Your relationship as a mentor with your mentee should be one of mutual trust and respect in a supportive yet challenging...

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most commonly sustained arrhythmia1 and if left untreated is recognised as a major cause of stroke.

The prevalence of AF in the developed world is estimated at 1.5–2% of the general...