The Essential Handbook for GP Training and Education

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Mar 2012
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**Winner of Paul Freeling Award (Royal College of General Practitioners)**  

The much anticipated practical educational manual for trainers, programme directors and other educators in primary carehas finally arrived! This extensive, full-colour guide is written by a select group of hands-on educators who are passionate and knowledgeable. The book captures their wisdom and vast experience in an accessible and practical way. Beautifully presented, the chapters cover a wide educational framework employing a variety of presentational methods such as flowcharts, diagrams, conversational pieces, scenarios and anecdotes.

For more detailed information, further reading and practical tools to aid implementation, each chapter has a corresponding webpage containing over 300 additional resources.

Specifically designed for General Practitioner Trainers, Training Programme Directors, Associate Programme Directors, Associate Postgraduate Deans and Postgraduate Deans world-wide, The Essential Handbook for GP Training and Education adopts a relaxed, personable approach to primary care education that won’t leave you with a headache. General Practitioner Appraisers, Foundation Year Trainers and all medical and nursing student educators, too, will find the detailed, comprehensive explorations inspirational.


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'Among the topics it covers are the fundamentals of teaching and educational theories, group dynamics in teaching programs, how to interact with patients, and special considerations such as graduates with disabilities or
other difficulties in the training program. This is a most valuable book for any clinician involved in training younger clinicians.'

Vincent F Carr, DO, MSA, FACC, FACP (Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences), US


'5/5. This review is from: The Essential Handbook for GP Training and Education (Paperback) Why is it the best book? Lots of reasons and I simply love this book! Although it's a chunky book it is full of practical and theoretical material. Everything in it is just so simple and clear. The no-nonsense language helps you understand the material straight away and I love the colourful pictures, diagrams and flowcharts which (as they say) helps the material come alive. There's so much wisdom in this book (probably because so many people have contributed to it). And, incredibly, there's a website which goes with the book, hosting even more resources.'
GPupNorth, Amazon

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Summary of contents

  • Preface
  • About the editor
  • Acknowledgements
  • Part one – GP training in the UK
  • The structure of GP training in the UK
  • The GP trainer and practice manager
  • The training programme director
  • Part two – The fundamentals of teaching
  • Powerful hooks – aims, objectives and ILOs
  • A smorgasbord of educational methods
  • Teaching from scratch
  • The skillful art of giving feedback
  • Teaching gems
  • Part three – Educational theory that matters
  • Exploring and creating a learning culture
  • Five pearls of educational theory
  • Learning and personality styles in practice
  • Part four: Teaching groups of people
  • How groups work – the dynamics
  • Teaching and facilitating small groups
  • How to teach large groups
  • Part five: Taking centre stage
  • How to run a course
  • Presentation magic
  • Part six: Special areas of training
  • Using the creative arts
  • The simulated patient – your walking, talking, learning tool
  • Multiple trainee practices – a rough and ready guide
  • Understanding and teaching about diversity
  • Supporting GP trainees who graduated outside the UK
  • Interprofessional learning
  • Part seven: The consultation
  • Road maps for teaching on the consultation
  • Doing Balint
  • Part eight: MRCGP, supervision and assessment
  • MRCGP in a nutshell
  • Effective clinical supervision
  • Effective educational supervision
  • Reflection and evaluation
  • Assessment and competence
  • Quality – how good are we?
  • Part nine: The trainee in difficulty
  • The trainee experiencing difficulty
  • The top five educational difficulties
  • First aid for the remedial trainee
  • Part ten: Management and I.T.
  • The virtual world of e-learning
  • Growing tomorrow’s leaders today – leadership skills
  • Index


Pages: 536

Cover: Paperback


Ramesh Mehay


Kirsty Baldwin , Jim Bartlett , Robin Beaumont , Hasna Begum , Jo Buchanan , Glynis Buckle , Roger Burns , Jon Chadwick , Prit Chahal , Rodger Charlton , Brad Cheek , Lucy Clark , Gail Crowley , Adrian Curtis , Arun Davangere , Mary Davis , Nigel de Kare-Silver , Mei-Ling Denney , Fergus Donaghy , Julie Draper , Fiona Dudley , Julie Eccles , Maggie Eisner , Sheena Gibson , John Hart , Charlotte Hart , Miriam Hawkins , Roger Higson , Mair Hopkin , Allyson Horner , Damian Kenny , Amjad Khan , Mohan Kumar , Iain Lamb , Sarah Layzell , Jo Leahy , Malcolm Lewis , John Lord , Marion Lynch , Ali McDonald , Neal Maskrey , Judy McKimm , James Meade , Peter Milburn , Paul Milne , Liz Moulton , Elizabeth (Bitty) Muller , Ruth Nisbet , Tim Norfolk , David Pearson , Richard Pitt , Elaine Powley , Nick Price , Mark Purvis , Anna Romito , Amar Rughani , Bruno Rushforth , Graham Rutt , Paul Sackin , John Salinsky , JF ‘Shake’ Seigel , Mary Selby , Allen Shaughnessy , David C Slawson , Emma Storr , Heather Suckling , Mike Tomson , Jonathan Underhill , Mark Waters , Richard Watton , Daniel J Weaver , Clare Wedderburn , Veronica Wilkie

Author Affiliation

Training Programme Director (Bradford GP Training Scheme), GP Trainer (Ashcroft Surgery, Bradford)